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In Today's Wall Street Journal

L: Every month Jim fills out economic forecast forms for Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. There are also less-regular forecasting panels that he participates in, such as those for the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), the Philadelphia Fed, and the one that he has been seriously "hot" in lately, the Zillow® Home Price Expectations Survey. (He's won 4 Crystal Balls in the past 4 years for that one--how many crystal balls does a household need?)

But I digress....

In their survey last month, the WSJ asked who might be picked to chair the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System when Janet Yellen's term expires at the end of January in 2018. Today's WSJ (p. 2) reports on the results of that question and includes the comment Jim added to his survey:

The economists polled assigned some uncertainty to the overall nomination process in their comments, citing the unpredictable nature of the Trump White House so far.

“Who can read President Trump’s mind?,” said James Smith, chief economist at Parsec Financial.

“Surprise appointments have been Trump’s hallmark,” Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors said.

And really, who CAN read this President's mind? So don't put too much stock in

these kinds of articles.

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