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Jim loves to give speeches, and you can tell.  He's not your ordinary, data-loving economic speaker, either.  He hates to be restricted by a podium or slides.  He has an uncanny ability to use numbers when he needs them to make a point, but doesn't overpower with data.  He generally tries hard to give his audience exactly what they are wanting to know about the US and/or global economy.  That's not the same as "telling them what they want to hear," because sometimes recessions happen.  Jim just uses his experience and current information to give his opinion of the current economic environment--for better or for worse.


Jim's second-most favorite thing to do (after speeches) is provide advice and counsel either prior to or during strategic planning meetings.  Not everyone needs an economist on staff, but every business can benefit from detailed information about the economic environment as it specifically relates to their business--what it's like today, and what might be coming tomorrow.


We write a blog.  Jim writes economic content  for corporate websites and white papers for clients.  We would love to write for you, either content for your website or papers that are targeted directly to your specific business.  If you have domestic markets, then we provide information about your economic sector and how it might be impacted by the general US economic outlook .  If you work internationally, we add the impacts you may experience from the global economy.